Winter is slowly passing, and the time is ticking by. It’s the time of year when everything slows down as you wait for spring. Tupping went well, but we won’t know just how well until the lambs start appearing, so I guess it’s best not to count our chickens (or lambs) just yet.20161207_132953

There are a few jobs to be done over the winter, sorting some fencing out being one of them. This winter has been quite damp, but a couple of weeks ago we got a spell of dry, cold weather. As we had a day free from paid work, we loaded up and headed down to one of the fields we rent to get some fencing done. The field is surrounded by hedges so in the summer it’s hard to see just what state the original fencing is in. With it all having died back a bit, we can access most of the existing fence and shore it up. It was a chilly but bright day, so we took soup, tea and sandwiches with us and had a bit of a picnic down there too. Despite the fact that we were working, it was nice to be together as a family, enjoying the sunshine.


Daddy & T admiring our handiwork

Last week we were gathering the sheep to move a few to some new grazing when one of the biggest ewes ran into the side of my knee, knocking me over. I was rolling about in the mud holding my knee as my husband and the dog hovered worriedly over me. I went to hospital the next to have it x-rayed, and there was no break, but I was referred to an orthopedic consultant who has booked an MRI scan of my knee. He suspects a torn ligament. I am currently sporting a hi-tech knee brace and am off work until we find out what’s going on. It could be another 4 weeks before I get the scan and the results. We are counting down the weeks to lambing time… It could be a baptism of fire for my inexperienced husband. Best way to learn I suppose, being thrown in at the deep end!



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