Curious & Charming

As the title suggests, that’s our T. He is so much fun, and so much trouble! I love watching him play or explore when he doesn’t know I’m there. I’m not saying things don’t go in his mouth still, but he’s starting to explore more with his hands than his mouth. He’ll pick up an object, feel it, shake it, throw it to see if it bounces, turn it over or look inside it… He’ll crawl around whistling to himself, or leaf through a book ‘talking’ about it. He is absolutely fascinating, and I will gloss over the tough times and say I love being a parent.

Talking is coming along in that we get all sorts of interesting sounds now. His favourite word is ‘da’. Daddy is ‘da’, Mummy is ‘da’, the dog is ‘da’. He also makes sounds that sound like real words. The other day he said something that to me sounded like ‘oohbabybaby’. I repeated it back to him and DH laughed and said he thought that’s what he said too!

He also loves to stand and walk. He will walk around furniture and walls as far as possible, and only crawl if he has to cross a wide open space. He has 2 really fun games right now, and Daddy is his favourite playmate. There’s ‘Daddy chase me’ where DH will crawl after T, T will squeal and giggle and act like he’s terrified, then when DH catches him and nibbles his tummy T will collapse on the floor laughing. Then there’s ‘Peekaboo behind the sofa’. DH will lay on the sofa and pop out either over the arm or around the side of the arm. T will be at the end of the sofa and has to guess where Daddy will peek out next. It’s so much fun to watch them play and laugh together, and totally heartwarming. I love them both so much. And as I was in the middle of typing that last sentence, Toby was blowing raspberries against the leather sofa, making quite an interesting noise! I’m going to go and play now, hope you all have a reason to laugh today too.

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