Such Fun!

Little man is now 9.5 months old, and keeping us busy, hence the long silence. He is crawling, standing, climbing, exploring, and eating everything in sight, whether it’s actually edible or not. We have had to break out the child locks on the kitchen cupboards, watch him like a hawk, and barricade in the bookshelves and tv. Watching him learn and grow is so much fun though, helping him explore and learn new things.

Right now his favourite things are climbing and playing with water. Bathtime for him is also shower time for me, as he smacks the water so hard I end up nearly as wet as him! I was enjoying watching him play this evening as I was bathing him, and thinking it was all so wonderful. You know the rose-tinted, rainbows and unicorns kind of view of the world when everything feels right. Usually followed by something awful.

I only left him unattended for 90 seconds. Totally naked. In his bedroom. I should have known better, it was such a rookie mistake. I went to find a nappy, and came back to find that not only had he done a poo in his room, he had crawled around a bit after, smearing it into the carpet in a couple of patches leading from his room to the hall. I snatched him up and gingerly made my way back to the bathroom where he went back into the bath to be hosed down with the shower. Then I made sure we had no repeat by getting him dried and nappied, all the while trying to keep him from crawling back into the mess. (I have just realised that amongst all the palaver I never brushed his teeth tonight. Ooops.)

As I scrubbed the carpet, T watching happily, I ruefully recalled my happy five minutes watching him splash in the bath. I wonder which event will stick in my memory the longest?

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