The best toys are the cheapest

Yesterday T and I ventured into the ‘big’ town as I needed a few things. I had to go to a certain large catalogue-based shop for some puddle suits, and while I was there I thought I’d get him a couple of new toys, as there was an offer on. I picked out 2 that were interactive and claim to help with motor skills and problem solving. DH was quite excited about them too (and didn’t tell me off for spending money!) as we like to challenge T and watch him explore and discover the world.

This morning DH got one out and T was totally engrossed, trying and testing every moving part, working out where noises came from when he turned it upside down. DH and I exchanged those little glances I’m sure all first-time parents do, the ‘isn’t he clever’ and ‘I’m so proud’ looks. Suddenly, T saw the box the toy came in. The toy was cast to one side, and he speed-crawled over DH’s legs to the box. We have boxes in the garage. They are free. Why did I go out and buy toys?

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