Pickle’s the name, and pickling’s the game

Pickle has been very busy today, basically, being a pickle. It started about an hour after breakfast, when I tried to do the vacuuming. He used to love it when I turned the vacuum on, bouncing and flapping his arms. Now he’s not so sure he likes it. Today I think he was a bit tired anyway, and wanted picking up whenever the vacuum came near him. I ended up vacuuming with him on my hip, putting him down and switching off every time I had to move something. When I’d finished I sat down to check my emails, with him on my lap.

There is a parlour palm on top of a filing cabinet (out of reach) next to the desk. However, when he’s being held by one of us who is at the computer, he can reach the palm, and rip it’s leaves off. He got 2 leaves today, and tasted them, then went for more. This time he grabbed a whole frond, and managed to yank the entire plant, and pot, over the two of us. Earth showered over us, the desk, the clean floor, and the cabinet, as I fought to escape the clutches of a large plant whilst keeping the baby on my lap. When I finally escaped, I checked for damage. T was making faces and smacking his lips as he ate the dirt that had ended up in his mouth. It was in his hair, on his face, in his ears, dusting his shoulders, and I’m sure some went down my top too, as I felt distinctly itchy.

I dusted him down, took him into the other room and plopped him down in front of his toy box while I started vacuuming up the mess. He heard the vacuum cleaner, speed crawled to me and clung to my arm, crying to be picked up, while I hoovered. It was time for a cup of tea (for me), milk (for him) and snuggles and a nap. The next few hours passed fairly uneventfully, as I got a few jobs done and then we went to town. Being the scatterbrain that I am, I put a coat on T, but forgot my own, and so got rather wet.

When we got back, I left him unattended while I made myself another cup of tea. I returned to find him eating a dictionary. How he got hold of it I do not know, I’m not even sure where it was in the first place! I removed it, and put it out of reach, leaving the room again. When I came back, he was shredding and eating a bookmark.

Handover time as I had to go to work, so it was Daddy and son time. I had been gone no more than half an hour when I got a text, saying that T had managed to turn on the vacuum cleaner, scared himself so much he fell over trying to get away, and bumped into some furniture. Thankfully he was fine, and I had a good laugh in the milking parlour.

He is so entertaining, and it’s funny looking back at what he’s got up to during the day, but there is a certain sense of relief when he’s safely tucked up in bed for the night. I wonder what tomorrow has in store..?

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