The Great Escape

Mr T properly started crawling last weekend, and we have very quickly realised that stationary babies are a doddle to keep an eye on compared to moving ones. If he wants something, he will keep going to find it, no matter how often you remove him and put him back at his starting point. This morning it was the dog’s rawhide chew. He was crawling across 3 rooms to find it. Eventually, I just let him play with it, the dog got a bit disgruntled and ate it, so problem solved!

We currently have no stair gates (they are on the ever-expanding list) so our house somewhat resembles a scene from the final half hour of Les Miserables, with household furniture piled up to form barricades. The problem is, we don’t have enough suitable furniture!

If we ever thought it was hard getting housework done while watching a child before, it has suddenly got 10 times worse. Even loading the dishwasher proves difficult. I realised we desperately needed to get it loaded and run while I was making a cup of tea at 10pm with a plastic baby spoon.

I have to go now, he is under a dining chair and has a habit of trying to sit up while under hard objects, with disastrous consequences!

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