I’m sitting on the floor of the living room, drinking lukewarm coffee and being used as a human climbing frame. It’s a bit embarrassing to tell you when I last showered, and I’ve been wearing the same top for a week. I keep finding chunks of porridge on my clothes as T insisted on feeding himself this morning. He has a fine coating of porridge in and around one eye as he hates having his face wiped, and will scream blue murder while you do so. I just had a call with an insurance agent and he bounced on my knee and squealed throughout the entire phone conversation, leading the agent to comment on the fact I obviously had a little one!

Moving on from being so self-entertaining last week, he now swings between playing quietly by himself, clinging to your legs and screaming when you try and put him down, or climbing up everything in sight. It’s a total gamble what he will do when you need to put him down. This adds to the fact that nothing ever gets done.

We’ve had thunderstorms and heavy rain for the last 2 or 3 afternoons, so as the laundry started piling up we finally had to relent and start using the dryer. I currently have a load in the washer, a wet load in front of the dryer and a dry load in the dryer waiting to come out. Plus countless loads still waiting to be put away. This explains T’s current outfit – socks, trousers and top, all stripy but all different colours. I need to wash up, as dirty dishes seem to breed. I need to sort the laundry, I need to walk down to the neighbour’s to get eggs so I can make quiche for tea. I need to hoover, and tidy up. I need to shower at some point soon, and change, as I keep getting a whiff of something cheesy and remembered that T puked on my top yesterday, but I forgot and wore it anyway.

But, my baby’s only a baby for a short time, and I don’t want to miss the moment he crawls for the first time. We are expecting it any day now. So I know the house is a mess, I know it winds my DH up, but we are all healthy, and it’s not at bio-hazard status yet. I will enjoy my baby while I can, and the housework can wait another hour or two. It’s certainly not going anywhere!!




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