Poorly Baby

Everyone is quick to tell you all about the sleepless nights you are going to have to endure when you have a newborn. No-one mentions the sleepless nights when your little one is ill. Quite apart from sitting up with them and cuddling them, you are on high alert and wake at the slightest little wiggle or moan. Add in the worry that something may be seriously wrong and you are in for an exhausting time.

Last night T went to bed about 7, and we got 2 hours of peace. Then we heard a cry over the baby monitor. We were planning to head to bed ourselves, so assuming he was just unsettled we made our preparations and I meandered upstairs. There was little T, doing a press-up over a large patch of vomit. He had enjoyed sweet potato, carrot and green beans at tea time, so you can probably imagine the sight. I cuddled him to calm him down, and he was sick again. This wasn’t the normal baby sick, where they open their mouths, milk spews out and they aren’t the slightest bit bothered. This was grown-up vomiting, with heaving and retching, and he was getting very stressed and upset. I got him cleaned up, new sleepsuit and sleeping bag, and a fresh sheet on our bed. He had a big milk feed, snuggled into my shoulder and fell asleep.

I breathed a sigh of relief, just to have him empty his stomach all over me. I was so drenched that my T-shirt squelched under his head when he wiggled. I had to strip down T and myself, and replace the bed sheet which had been on the bed for no more than 10 minutes. The third (and last) bedsheet went on, and as we had no more replacements, a large towel went on the bed under the pair of us. DH cuddled T while I collected all the muslins, towels and baby blankets I could find, and put a load of laundry on. I had the entire contents of a linen cupboard piled up beside me as I settled in for the night with T sleeping on me. He had finally settled and I was able to put him down for a couple of hours.

I couldn’t sleep as I was worried, and this was the first time we have had to deal with anything like this. I lay between T and DH, listening to them both sleep. He woke at 2am, hungry, so I fed him but cut the feed short as I really didn’t want him bringing everything up yet again. He then slept through to 7am, 5 hours uninterrupted sleep being very rare! He is his usual happy, hungry self this morning, and whatever it was that caused all the upset last night has obviously passed. We have survived the first episode of being sick half the night, but I’m sure there will be many more yet to come. Maybe a few extra bed sheets will be necessary!

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