A Busy Week

This week T has been very busy learning new skills. It’s so much fun to watch him develop and take more interest in the world around him. You also feel so proud when he masters a new skill. In the space of 2 days he learned to sit unaided for a couple of minutes at a time (before toppling and rubbing his nose in the carpet), found that his toes are quite tasty, and managed to work out how to undo the velcro fastenings on his nappy.

It’s quite funny when he does something new, because he doesn’t seem to register that it’s new or amazing. He just does it, and looks a bit bemused when we’re praising him and telling him what a clever little pickle he is. It’s like ‘what’s the big deal, I’m only sitting up!’.

Meanwhile, us adults are on an epic quest to discover the mystical place known to many as The Bottom of the Laundry Basket. Despite many hours of toil, it remains thoroughly unreachable. The house, however, resembles a launderette, and there are items of clothing draped and strewn and piled in heaps and basket-loads almost everywhere you look. How one tiny human can create so much mess is amazing. Actually, when you consider the amount of vomit, poo, pee and general smearing of food around one’s face that he does in 24 hours, it’s not so amazing.

In other news, a tooth appears to be hovering just below the surface, so teething hell may well be upon us soon. If teething is really as bad as everyone makes out, the next post could well be accompanied by me sobbing into a large mug of coffee. We shall wait and see!

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