Becoming Mobile

Our little T is 5 months old tomorrow, and getting cuter and more fun by the day. We are also falling more in love as every day passes. The incredibly cute smiles, the squeals of delight when you play his favourite game, the gurgles and babbles as he plays by himself… It’s the most amazing thing ever. Can you tell I’m a besotted mum?

He is desperately trying to become more mobile now too. He does this crazy hip-thrust movement while he’s sitting on your lap and tries to shuffle away. We’ve had a few near misses involving forehead and table edge due to this weird pecking motion. He rolls, he wriggles, he thumps his heels on the floor, and at the moment DH is encouraging him to try and commando-crawl. As with all else baby-related, this carries it’s own set of dangers and worries.

I went to pee earlier this afternoon, taking T upstairs with me and putting him safely in the middle of our bed. There was a loud thump followed by screaming. I shuffled out of the bathroom trying to get my jeans up, nearly colliding with DH who was galloping up the stairs. We ran into the bedroom to find our little adventurer on the floor next to the bed, red face pillowed on his father’s slippers, screaming in terror. We picked him up, cuddled and kissed him and checked for injuries, and a minute later he was laughing again. It seems the bed is no longer a safe place for small children. Lesson learned, and thankfully no harm done. This parenting lark is harder than our parents made it look!

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