The Perils of the Backcarry


Being new parents we are exploring the options and dabbling in things while we decide what works for us. ‘Babywearing’ is one thing that we have firmly settled on. I had T in a stretchy sling at 2 days old, and we’ve moved on from there really, as he grows we have to adapt and find new slings, new ways of carrying, and new muscles! As he’s nearing 5 months I’ve started wearing him on my back when the weather’s nice (I like to have him on my front and tuck him into my coat when it’s wet and windy). Backcarrying has it’s own challenges though, as I am discovering. DH has yet to backcarry, so I’ll give him a heads up here 🙂

Firstly, you have to get the baby onto your back. There are a few ways of doing this, but the one I favour is terrifyingly called ‘the superman toss’. You grab the baby under his arms, and basically toss him onto your back by flinging him over your head. He finds it funny, I found it quite scary the first few times I did it.

Now he is on your back, you have to keep him there while you wrap 5 metres of fabric around the two of you. You generally bend at the hips so he lays on your back. He also makes himself feel more secure by using fistfuls of hair or ears to anchor himself more firmly. While this is eyewateringly painful at times, it does keep him entertained, especially when he attempts to yank out my hairstick or just grab fistfuls of hair and pull to arms length, loosening random strands. (See picture above)

The third peril (I’m sure there are more yet to be discovered) is the vomiting. If you are still in your bent-double position, gravity is a wonderful thing as the puke just runs off your neck and drips onto the floor, making clean up simple. If you have straightened up by this point then I’m afraid you will probably be discovering lumps of cheese days later in hair, clothes and wrap. (Who has the time to shower or do laundry?)

As the above picture proves, it’s not all bad, and a nice walk across any terrain you fancy with a sleeping baby on your back is far preferable to attempting to do laundry and entertain a tetchy baby within the four walls that become your permanent view.

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