Just Like Daddy

My husband loves a cup of tea. He has 3 large mugs; I think they hold as much as 2 normal ones, and he will have a large one to my regular one. Just recently T’s become fascinated by us drinking. He will follow the mug from the table up to your mouth, and back down again, often trying to touch the mug. The other day I left a tiny bit of cold tea in my mug and let him drink it out of the mug. He swallowed it, smacked his lips and went ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’! We cracked up! Looks like he’s going to enjoy a brew just like Daddy!

Unfortunately today I tried to be sneaky and it backfired. I was at a friend’s house, and we were having a coffee and a chat. T was busy looking the other way, so I attempted a sneaky sip. He chose that exact moment to bounce on my lap and windmill his arms, smacking the bottom of my mug. Coffee shot up my nostrils and dribbled down my top. The mess was worse than him puking on me, and I am now sporting a fragrant coffee stain on my top. Makes a change from partially digested milk I suppose.

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