Let Me Sleep!

T is now 4 months old, and to celebrate has begun waking for half-hourly feeds from about 5am every morning. This is absolutely knackering for me. This morning he woke at 5.30 demanding food, and as I picked him up I realised he was soaked through. I had been so tired I had actually forgotten to change his nappy at 3am. After a total change he decided that as he had just got dressed it must therefore be time to get up, and wasn’t looking sleepy in the slightest. I cuddled him to my chest in an attempt to snuggle him to sleep. This can be very effective with young babies, and will sometimes work with older ones, but usually by the time they’re old enough to have an opinion, it can be like hugging a demented octopus. A demented octopus who inadvertently throat punches you and gouges your eyes out. On this occasion, it didn’t have the desired effect. I fed him, spent time stroking and patting his back, as he squirmed, thrashed, squealed, blew raspberries and and generally tried to tell me he wasn’t tired. I was so tired it felt like I was scrubbing my eyes with the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, he fell asleep, and I did too. We probably had an hour’s sleep, and then DH came home from his shift, and T’s eyes popped open.

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