Scatterbrained Mum

I have been very remiss in not posting for (I think) over a year. I do have a very good excuse! Last November DH and I became parents to a gorgeous little boy, T. Obviously with all the tiredness and busyness of pregnancy, and the complete upheaval of new parenthood, cooking consists of finding stuff from the freezer that I batch cooked last September and reheating. Although we do have our busts of brilliance, with DH making pies and myself managing a Battenburg cake yesterday, while entertaining a 3 month old. I’m proud of us, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, now that I feel we have reached a more even keel, and wanting to start blogging again, I thought I might take this blog in a new direction, as there is never a dull day around here! I hope you current readers will be happy to go along with this, and just maybe we’ll get some new readers. So here goes. Are you ready to be plunged into the chaos that is our log flume of parenthood? (And yes, it does get quite wet at times!)

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