Friday the 13th

So I am not superstitious, but today has really been one of those days. And please don’t point out that we are only half-way through the day! It started early this morning. I get up, go downstairs and let the dog out, make a brew, then go back upstairs to get dressed for work. Today, I unlocked the back door to let the dog out, and the handle came off in my hand. Being a logical sort of person, I stared at the handle for a moment, then opened the window, reached out and opened the door from the outside. Problem solved, at least temporarily. Only thing now was, the window wouldn’t shut. They are modern UPVC windows with metal hinge/brackets and some of the screws that hold the bracket to the frame had sheared off, leaving one screw behind which meant the whole bracket was pivoting. I stuffed a £2 coin in the window frame to hold the bracket in place, and managed to shut the window. We worked out that the handle will open the door, you have to fit it on the spindle, open the door, then put the handle back on the window sill until you have need of it again.

I went about my day as usual, things have quietened down a lot now in the lambing shed. This week I have been getting one or two ewes lamb a day, so easy enough to deal with. I’ve had other jobs on however, which has meant that so far this week, I have been putting in a lot of hours. I had a few hours to spare yesterday, but I really needed to go to town and do some shopping, so my day was full. Today, I planned to get my work done in an hour or so, then spend a few hours at home catching up with housework. (I hate to have to admit it, but I have run out of clean saucepans.)

It was not to be. An automatic milk feeder decided that despite having been fixed once, it didn’t want to be automatic any more. You have to kick it when you walk past to get it started again. I left a tap running to fill a water butt, then got distracted, and came back to the sheep shed awash with water. I had to start scraping and sweeping away sludge and water, trying to get as much of it cleaned up as I could before it soaked the sheep pens. I have, up to this point, had 8 sheep lamb today. That’s a 400% increase on yesterday. I think they’re making a final push, trying to get done before my weekend off. Then I set to burning a load of waste, as the bin was overflowing. It started to rain.

So as things stand, I still have no clean saucepans. I still have jobs to get done at work, as I didn’t have time this morning. Tomorrow is my day off, and the plan is to stay in bed until at least 7am, then I get to spend it doing housework. But right now, I am going to get a sandwich and watch another episode from the box set of Arrow that my sweetheart gave me for my birthday. Happy Friday the 13th!!

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