Birthday Thoughts

So this morning, after a few hours milking in the cold, I’m in the process of lambing a ewe. I had already removed 2 lambs from her, and was fishing about for the third. It was way, way deep inside, kind of laying on it’s back, with it’s head flopping back towards the ewe’s head. Every time I grabbed a hold of a nose or hoof, it would jerk it back like it was quite happy in there thank you very much, don’t want to come out of my nice, warm, floaty bed. Just like me several hours earlier. I was shoulder deep in the ewe, with my head resting perilously close to her back end, so close in fact, that I could clearly hear her pelvis creaking and cracking in my ear. One of her already born lambs flapped it’s ears like a dog, splattering my face with slime. At this point I thought to myself, ‘Happy Birthday!’ with not just a little sarcasm.

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