Really Cheesy Cheese Scones


First of all, you may have noticed that up to this point, all my recipes are in Imperial weights. This is because I have my Granny’s old weighing scales, with a slider balance thingy… It has meant that I have had to (at times, inaccurately) convert every recipe I use that is in Metric. Well, no longer! I received an electric weighing scales for Christmas, so I can now use recipes in the format they are meant to be. Here is my first recipe in grams.

500g self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

250g strong cheese (I used half mature cheddar, half Stilton)

3 tbsp oil

125ml milk

1 egg

Mix the flour, baking powder and cheese together in a bowl. I had some Stilton left over from Christmas (we don’t like it much, but it’s good for cooking, makes some amazing macaroni cheese!) and combined it with mature cheddar.

Measure your milk in a jug, then add the oil and egg. Pour it into the flour mixture, and mix well, a metal spoon or knife is best, as the mixture won’t stick as much as it would to a wooden spoon. The mixture should form up into a dough, but you don’t want it too dry. It should be a bit sticky. Add more milk if needed.

Flour your worktop well, and dump the dough out onto it. Press the dough out with your hands, then fold it over once and spread again, until it is about 1 – 1 1/2cm thick. Cut out into rounds, either with a round cutter or the top of a glass. I got about 16 out, but I did throw a bit of the dough away. Place them onto a baking sheet (they won’t spread much, so they can touch) and bake at 180°C for about 20 minutes.

They should be golden brown on top and break open easily. (The fold-over is the trick here.) Best eaten warm from the oven, while the cheese is still melty.

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