Banana Raisin Muffins



Usually when I have extra bananas that are going a bit black, I make banana bread (which I have yet to post) but I was getting a bit bored of it so I found and tweaked a recipe and ended up with these!

Makes 12

3 mashed bananas

2 1/2 oz butter

5 oz sugar

1 egg

7 oz self raising flour

1 tsp mixed spice

2 oz raisins

Cream the butter and sugar and add the bananas. Beat in the egg, then mix in the flour and mixed spice until well combined. Fold in the raisins. Drop the mixture into muffin cases and bake at 180°C for 25 – 30 minutes.

These are nice and moist, and keep pretty well. Apparently they freeze well too, but I haven’t tried, cake doesn’t usually last long enough to bother freezing extra!!


Easy Pork & Beans


This is a really quick and easy recipe that uses up leftover pork, and makes for a tasty supper.

Serves 2

4 – 6 oz cooked pork, cubed

1 onion, diced

tin of baked beans

Worcestershire sauce

Lightly fry the onions in a little hot oil, until they soften. Add the pork and cook until it starts to brown. If you have any veg in the fridge that you want to throw in, put it in with the pork. I had a few spring onions, peppers would be good too. Pour in the beans and a splash of Worcestershire sauce, or if you prefer spicy, substitute Tabasco. Once it is bubbling, it is ready to serve. This is great just in a bowl on it’s own, it also goes with crusty bread, or fried potatoes, or as a topping for a baked potato. Enjoy!