Easy Cheese-Free Cheesecake


Ok, yesterday I had a real scatterbrained moment, and ended up with this little beauty, which actually has no right to being called a cheesecake, but as that is what I was planning to make in the first place, that is what it it. Except it has no cheese in it. Which is a bad thing really, because cheese is the best thing in the world. Or one of the best, something like that. Just think about it for a moment, where would we be without cheese? I’d be out of a job for one! Can you tell it’s Friday, and that I’ve been working the last 12 days?

Right, so here’s what happened. After I made the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake the other week, I have had about two-thirds of a packet of digestive biscuits sitting in the tin, just kind of existing. We don’t eat digestive biscuits, they’re not really exciting enough. So I found a really nice recipe for Raspberry Cheesecake Slices, which I printed yesterday with the intention of trying out. When I read through the list of ingredients, I noticed I needed 5 tbsp of lemon juice. I have run out of lemon juice. So I have digestive biscuits, raspberries that are looking a little sad (they have been in the fridge for a week and no-one has been paying them any attention, it’s enough to make the brightest, happiest raspberry a little depressed) and no lemon juice. The other obvious option was to make a proper cheesecake, as I have cream cheese, but I had no whipping cream. So I thought for a bit, and looked through the cupboards, and came up with an interesting alternative.

5 oz crushed digestive biscuits

5 tbsp melted butter

1 pt milk

2 – 3 tbsp sugar

1 packet vanilla blancmange

a generous handful of raspberries

Mix the biscuit crumbs (either put them in a food processor, or tie them in a plastic bag, and hand them to a man or child with instructions to bash them with a rolling pin) with the melted butter, and press into the bottom of a loose-bottomed or springform tin. Mix up the blancmange as according to the instructions (heat the milk, reserving a couple of spoonfuls to mix the blancmange powder and sugar into a paste. When the milk is hot, pour it over the paste and mix well, then return to the saucepan, bring to the boil and cook for 1 – 2 minutes, stirring well). Allow it to cool before mixing in the raspberries. Give it a good stir, it doesn’t matter if the berries get slightly mashed. Pour the raspberry blancmange over the biscuit base and put it in the fridge to set, about 6 hours. Keep it in the fridge in an airtight container if it isn’t all eaten straight away.

And here’s the really scatterbrained bit… I opened the fridge to put the finished product in to cool, and there was a carton of whipping cream. DOH!! I could have made a real cheesecake after all!!


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