Neapolitan Cake


This cake is a bit of a special occasion cake, in that it requires a bit of extra effort. I saw a picture of it in a supermarket magazine, advertised as being on sale in their café, and thought I’d give it a go. I did a trial run which was a little bit like a couple of pancakes layered together, not exactly what I’d envisioned. The picture is from my second attempt, which was extensively tested by family members.

A helpful hint:- Weigh the mixing bowl you plan to use before starting, and make a note of it’s weight. When you come to splitting the mixture it’s a bit more exact and scientific than plopping a bit into each pan and hoping for the best. Yes, I speak from experience.

Here’s the basic cake mixture, I’ll do this in steps to make it a bit more simple.

12 oz sugar

12 oz margarine

5 eggs

12 oz self-raising flour

Cream the margarine and sugar together, then add eggs and flour alternately, ending with flour. At this point, weigh the bowl and contents, then subtract your recorded weight of the bowl in order to get the total weight of cake mixture. Divide the weight of the mixture by 3, and then put that amount into 3 separate bowls.


1 tsp yellow food colouring

1 tsp red food colouring

2 tbsp cocoa powder

A little hot water

This is where it gets fun. In the first lot of mixture, put in 1 tsp of yellow food colouring. Mix really well, as despite being cool, you don’t want a marbled effect this time. In the second lot of mixture, add the red colouring. For the last lot, put the cocoa powder in a mug/egg cup/small bowl and mix in enough hot water to make a lump-free paste. Mix it into the cake mix, and you should have this:


Base line and grease 3 round, shallow sandwich tins, and put the mix into each. If, like me, you only have 2 tins, you’ll have to do this in 2 lots. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes (until a knife/skewer comes out clean) at 190°C. Allow to cool slightly in the tin, then turn out to fully cool before icing.

This is where it gets more experimental. I will tell you how I did it, but depending on how thick/runny you like your icing, feel free to adjust the amount of icing sugar.

1 oz margarine

1 tbsp cocoa powder

A little hot water

4 – 6 oz icing sugar

Mix the cocoa powder with enough hot water to form a smooth paste. Set it to one side to cool. Cream the margarine, then add the cooled cocoa and the icing sugar, a little at a time, until you get the desired consistency. Spread the chocolate icing over the chocolate cake layer. Place the pink cake layer on top.

1 strawberry

1 oz margarine

4 – 6 oz icing sugar

I got a bit clever here. If you want to play it safe, use strawberry flavouring and red food colouring to get the right flavour and colour. If you’re feeling brave, pulverize the strawberry in a liquidiser, and scrape it out into a bowl. Mix in the margarine and then add icing sugar until you get the desired consistency. If it’s not pink enough for your tastes, add some red food colouring. Be careful, as liquid colouring will make the icing more runny. I personally think using real strawberries is amazing, it tastes so good. Spread the icing over the pink cake, and place the yellow cake on top. At this point my cake was starting to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so I stuck a toothpick down through the middle. Push it in so the top of it is level with the top of the cake, then when you put the final layer of icing on it will be hidden.

1 tsp vanilla flavouring

1 oz margarine

4 – 6 oz icing sugar

As before, cream the margarine and vanilla, and add the icing sugar until it’s thick enough. Spread over the top of the cake. IF you feel so inclined, you can decorate the cake with something ice-cream related, such as strawberries, chocolate flake sections or sprinkles. Serve and enjoy! (Just watch out for that toothpick)


3 thoughts on “Neapolitan Cake

  1. bob says:

    Speaking as a “family member”, I can confirm that it was very good!

  2. Adriel says:

    I can testify as well!

  3. Adriel, this isn’t as good as the one I made when you were over, I just haven’t had a special occasion that requires such a cake yet!

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