You have probably heard of couponing, a craze sweeping the western world at the moment, mainly due to the rise in living costs and not such a rise in wages. It basically involves scouring the internet, magazines and newpapers for coupons and vouchers, and then using them to get great deals on your weekly shop. Well today I did my first ever couponing shop in Asda. I went mainly for the stuff I had coupons for, I think I only bought 3 items that I paid full price for. Anyway, here goes.

Cushelle Toilet Roll – £4.28 – £1 voucher in the Asda magazine = £3.28

Clover Margarine – £1.50 – £1 voucher – £0.50

Colgate Total Toothpaste – £4 for the huge ‘best value’ tube – £0.50 voucher – £3.50

Burgen Bread – Asda offer 2 for £2.30 – £0.30 voucher – £1 each

Kingsmill Pitta Pockets – Asda offer £0.50 – £0.50 voucher – £0.00!!

J2O fridge pack – £3 – £1 voucher from Facebook – £2

Ristorante Pizzas – Asda offer 2 for £4 – Ristorante vouchers from special packs, £1 off (x2) – £1 each

So for a £20.48 shop, after vouchers and supermarket offers, I spent £13.28!!

Please excuse me while I gloat for a moment….


Thank you.

Anyway, for anyone who is interesting in couponing, the best place I have found so far is They list all the latest coupons and deals, and also keep up to date on various supermarket offers.

To celebrate, I am off the mow the grass.

Go forth, be fruitful and coupon!

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