Madness and Mayhem


First of all, I would like to apologise for the rather long silence. It has been a somewhat busy week. So I hope you won’t think me rude if I eat my breakfast while I’m talking to you…


I’ll do my best not to type with my mouth full.


Well, I guess it all started last weekend when my brother asked if we could ‘look after’ his sofa for a while, as he’s moving and doesn’t have room for it at the moment. We said we’d find somewhere to put it, but to be honest, this house is really not large enough to hold a tw0-sofa family. In anticipation of the arrival, I decided to re-paint our back room/study/library/tinyroomwithagrandname. As it’s small, and doesn’t get a huge amount of natural light, I thought a nice, cheery yellow would look good. Hubby wanted white. Needless to say, as I went out to buy the paint, and did most of the painting, I got my way. The room is now ‘Sunrise Yellow’, and I like it! So all Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when I wasn’t working, or doing necessary laundry and washing up, I was painting. By Wednesday night, it still needed 2 coats of yellow on 3 walls, and 1 coat on the 4th wall. I really only managed 1 coat a day, as by the time it was dry enough for the 2nd coat, I had to go back to work.

On Thursday we had to go and collect the sofa. After 3 days of warm, sunny weather, it rained. It really rained. We had to drive 45 minutes, in the rain, to load up a sofa and various other pieces of furniture onto a flatbed trailer. Trying to work as quickly as possible to keep everything reasonably dry, we covered it all up with a tarpaulin, only to find there was a hole right in the middle of it. (Why do tarps always tear in the middle? It really is the most inconvenient place possible.) We strapped the load down with straps that were coated in dry dirt when we set off, by now they were just muddy. So, wet, muddy, and sitting in my old truck that has to have the heater on full blast to prevent it from overheating, we set off. We’d just turned onto the main road when a table slid free of it’s moorings and began sliding about on the trailer bed. We pulled over at the next convenient spot, which just happened to be the entrance to the local waste recycling centre (or more commonly known as the tip). Back out into the rain, re-tie everything, and back in the truck. After a second where we thought the engine wouldn’t start (oh yes, it has a dodgy starter motor too), we set off again. This time the trip went without incident, and we dropped the other furniture off and went home with a very soggy sofa. We had to get the sofa dry, so we had it face-down in the hallway, kind of leaning against the wall over a radiator. The only problem with this arrangement was that it left about 5 inches between the stairs and the sofa, so you had to breathe in and shuffle every time you wanted to get past. We left it there for 2 1/2 days.

On Friday I had a full morning at work, and as soon as I got home we had to take Hubby’s car to the garage as there was a hole in the exhaust which we had not managed to fix successfully. As we were in town anyway, we got some shopping in for the weekend, and went back to collect the car, where we were told it had been temporarily mended, but it needed a new section of exhaust. With the prospect of having to buy and fit a piece of exhaust now looming over us, we went home and got a full coat of paint up.

On Saturday we were up early and finally had the painting done by dinner time. Then we spent about an hour discussing how to arrange the front and back rooms now that the sofa was dry and ready to be put in place. We went through several options, and every single one had some insurmountable obstacle (mainly, things will not fit). We gave up in the end, mainly as we decided to move the TV into the back room, but we can’t until we obtain a long length of aerial cable.

On Sunday we went to church, had a BBQ afterwards, where Hubby did all the cooking (it’s pretty much the only time!!) and at the end of the afternoon, set off to drop my baby sister (ok, she’s 17 :p) at work on our way home. 10 minutes down the road, the clutch went. After a lot of poking around under the bonnet (Hubby) and making helpful suggestions (me) we rolled it into a gateway on the other side of the road and rang Mum to collect Baby Sister and Big (Little) Brother (he’s younger than me but pretty tall!!) to tow us back to Mum & Dad’s house. They live right opposite a garage which is very useful at times. After more poking about under the bonnet by the fellas, they came to the conclusion the clutch was completely shot and that we would probably be best looking for a new car (we have owned this one for 6 weeks!). When we eventually got home we both felt ill, and so got Hubby’s dinner made for work the next day and had an early night.

So after all that, please feel some sympathy and forgive me for not having put anything up here. To be honest, I did make an experimental cake but it needs a little more work before I release it on the unsuspecting public. I hope to try it again this week, so watch this space.

It turns out the car will live to die another day, it was only the clutch cable (phew!) that was gone, and it should be returning home in the next 24 hours.

We hope to get the rooms re-arranged later this week, although as my brother put it, ‘It’ll be like a giant game of Tetris.’




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