Rockery building

This is the view of the corner of our front garden.


That huge green mass in the corner is a dog rose or some such thing. It is huge, prickly, pink, and actually blocks the view of the road when you’re trying to pull out of the side drive. Our landlord talked about digging it out a few years ago, but I said I kinda liked it and that I’d just prune it. I pruned it right down to the ground, and it grew right back. The other problem is that there is a nettle patch underneath it that grows quite happily because the only time I can weed is in the middle of winter when the bush is dead, and I am very much a fair-weather gardener. So I decided to pull the entire thing out and build a rockery there.

I got a truck-load of stone from Freegle, which we collected on a day when it was pouring with rain. We had to drive home wet, muddy, and steaming in a truck which has to have the heat permanently on full blast to stop the radiator exploding.

With the stone now in a heap in the back garden, the next job was to remove the rose bush. I cut the whole thing right down to the ground, and then Hubby and I spent an hour in full sunshine digging, hacking, levering, pulling, sweating and ‘ouching’ before we got it out. It took the two of us to carry the root mass over to the bin, it was that huge.

The next day I went out and spent £10 on 2 alpines, 4 herbs and 2 heathers (I already had 1 heather and 4 lavenders), and £10 on a couple of sacks of topsoil. It took me a little over 1 hour and 2 squashed fingers to get it built, filled in and planted. This is the result.


Hopefully it will look a little better by the end of summer when everything has settled in and is flowering, but it looks 100 times better than it did before, and I have a rockery and herb garden combined! Not at all bad for £20 🙂

One thought on “Rockery building

  1. Sam says:

    you’ve done a really good job there Jenni, you could have done ours,
    ha ha

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