Home-made Mayonnaise

As a follow-up to Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake I’ll give you this quick and easy mayonnaise recipe. For cake, I just make a basic recipe, but if you want to use this as a dressing then you can add salt, pepper, mustard powder, garlic salt and anything else that takes your fancy.

All you need is love… and the following.


1 egg

2 tbsp vinegar

oil (I used about half the bottle)

Put the egg and vinegar into the bowl and whisk until mixed. (You can do this in a liquidiser or food processor too) Then, with the whisk on high/top speed, SLOWLY start trickling oil in. You need to keep whisking and trickling until the mixture starts to go creamy white, and it reaches the desired consistency. As there are no thickening agents and other rubbish in it, it will be more of a pouring than dolloping consistency.


*Sometimes it will curdle. This is usually down to putting too much oil in too quick, or not mixing well enough. If this happens, don’t panic. Start with a clean bowl, 1 egg and 2 tbsp vinegar, then use the curdled mixture in place of the oil. You may need to add extra oil in as well.

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