Sunny Days

Aaaah, summer at last. While I’m really pleased to have this amazing weather, I have never had hay fever so bad 😦 I’ve spent all week feeling like I’m coming down with a cold. Apart from the sneezing, this has been a pretty good week!

This morning at work was a bit crazy, to start with we had one of the neighbour’s horses in with our sheep. The grass is certainly greener on our side! Then I had a fair job getting the sheep in to the milking parlour, they wanted to stay outside sunbathing. Let’s just say that by the time I succeeded, about 10 minutes and several sprints later, I was certainly hot, bothered and fed up. Then to make matters worse, when I got to washing out the parlour, the nozzle dropped off the hose. At that point I decided to take a break for breakfast and finish up later. I did cheer up when I got home, got a bowl of cereal inside me, and looked out at the view. How can you not be happy when you get to look at this every day?



And talking of being happy, I finally got my hair a decent shade of purple, instead of a strange blue-rinse effect.



Not the best picture, but yup, it’s definitely purple!

Finally, I modeled the new apron my lovely parents brought back for me from a recent trip to visit family in Missouri. Yes, I baked a cake while I was wearing it, but you’ll have to wait until I’ve tasted it and photographed it before you get the recipe!



So now I think it’s time to have a well-earned cup of tea while enjoying some more sunshine, and trying not to sneeze. Tea has a tendency to spill if you sneeze whilst holding a cup, such a waste!

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