Scotch Eggs


Easy peasy, and really versatile, you can serve these hot with chips/potatoes and beans, or cold with a salad, or even as part of a packed lunch. The only thing to watch out for is timing the eggs. I walked off and forgot about them, about half an hour later I went to the kitchen and wondered what the noise was. It sounded like a heavy duty gate hinge in the washing machine. Then I remembered and ran for the cooker, where the eggs were bouncing around in about an inch of water. Ooooops!

4 hard-boiled eggs (15 minutes should do the trick), cold and peeled

1 pack of sausagemeat (400 – 500g)

2 slices of bread, crumbed

And that’s it. The sausagemeat I used on this occasion had herbs ready added, but you can mix in some herbs and pepper if you want extra flavour. Split the sausagemeat into 4 equal pieces. Here comes the messy part. Flatten a portion of the sausagemeat, then wrap it around an egg, pressing and rolling until the egg is evenly covered. Next, roll the sausage-coated egg in the breadcrumbs, pressing them on well. Place on a baking sheet, and do the same with the rest of the eggs. Bake for 20 – 30 minutes  at 180°C. Simples!

These can be made in advance and kept in the fridge, either on the baking sheet if only for a few hours, or in an airtight tub, then cooked from chilled.

*Variation: Crumble a couple of slices of black pudding into the sausagemeat and mix in well for a tasty alternative.

3 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs

  1. Adriel says:

    I have never heard of scotch eggs..must try!

  2. […] and home-smoked salmon, all of which was extremely agreeable. In return, we introduced them to Scotch Eggs, shortbread and home-made eggnog, all of which they appeared to find agreeable. A couple of days […]

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