This is my first ever attempt at blogging, so I guess I’ll learn as I go along. Anyway, here goes.

I am a 26 year old farm worker/housewife living in Lancashire, UK with my 26 year old farm worker husband. Besides loving animals, hence my job, I enjoy reading, cooking, eating my cooking, and just chilling with Hubby and Dog. Anyway, due to my job, which is mainly caring for and milking 500 sheep (yes, I can see you giving me that funny look and asking if I meant cows. Don’t, it gets old after a while!!) I work morning and evening shifts, which means that on a normal day I am home for a few hours in the afternoon but then don’t get back home again until 6-7pm. Cooking an evening meal in order for it to be eaten before 8pm is a challenge, so I am always on the lookout for meals that I can either prepare in the afternoon, or that are really quick and easy. Therefore, I do my best to be an organised, prepared housewife. HA!

Between January and May the 500 sheep I care for all lamb. We have a break of 3-4 weeks around February/March, but it’s a fairly busy and at times, intensive couple of months. As of about an hour ago there is 1 ewe left to lamb. Yes, I am a sheep midwife, and that lamb I just delivered was HUGE. Nearly as big as my dog huge. So big in fact I had to stand up and step backwards to pull it out of the ewe. I think it was slightly overdue. Just slightly :p So anyway, due to being in lambing season and having the extra workload, being an organised housewife is even more challenging than usual. Hence my screen name.

So let’s go back to last Saturday. I planned to do burgers for tea, quick and easy right? As I had to go into town that morning, I bought burger buns and salad stuff. Got home about half 6 that night, with the intention of grilling the burgers for 15 minutes, frying an onion, and putting a bit of salad on a couple of buns. After 5 minutes of rummaging through both freezers, I came to the conclusion that we had no burgers. Annoying, as we were both convinced we still had a freezer bag full of them! So we had to make do with sausage butties instead. I did redeem myself by having made a sticky toffee pudding that afternoon, which I served with ice cream. Amazing 🙂 Which then led to the following exchange.

Hubby (after a couple of minutes of silent concentration on his pudding): Did you make this from scratch?

Me: Well yeah, what else would I make if from!

H: I’m so glad I married you!

Me: Why, because I can make sticky toffee pudding from scratch?

H: Yup!

I will try and get the recipe up at some point so that you can also receive declarations of undying love from your other halves! But in the meantime, the scatterbraindedness (I know that’s not a word, but I think works!) continued. Fast forward about 2 days. I got some goat chops out of the freezer with the intention of slow cooking them and serving them with mashed potato and whatever veg I had in the fridge. My slow cooker was a Christmas present from my in-laws and has proved invaluable. Anyway, I put the chops on to cook at dinner time –

About an inch of hot water in the crock pot, stir in a good teaspoon of mint jelly (or mint sauce) and lay the chops on the bottom of the pot. Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

– and went to prepare the potatoes so I could just put them on to boil as soon as I got home. Surprise surprise, no potatoes. I was sooooo convinced I had half a bag under the sink I didn’t even bother to check before I went shopping. So no potatoes for the next week or so! I ended up serving them with rice (I cooked peas and sweetcorn in with the rice), but as a consolation we still had some sticky toffee pudding left!

So to conclude, you probably think I’m a bit of an idiot, but I am harmless, I promise! I have several recipes planned for the next day or two, so I will post them and let you know they go. I will also try and post any hints or tips for making meals quickly, and would love to hear ideas from you!

Signing out now to go and do some baking (and eating :D).

2 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Debbie says:

    Love this! Goat chops? Didn’t even know you could buy goat chops… or goat in the UK for that matter. Would love to try that. I too love my slow cooker and can share with you some quick favorites from our house that will hopefully keep your hubby as sweet as they keep mine!

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